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Elevate Your Assets! Your guide to securing your ideal property in Dubai.

Our goal is to protect and enhance property worth for clients within the Dubai area and its vicinity. This objective is realized by placing your requirements at the forefront, encouraging innovation within our services, and fostering a corporate ethos built on honesty, attentiveness, and understanding. Our dedicated team of experienced professionals administers a comprehensive Property Management service. We are dedicated to delivering tailored, individualized service, fueled by our team’s sincere pursuit of exceptional standards. As a result, our Property Management unit boasts the expertise and capacity to diligently supervise initiatives and plans that elevate property and portfolio value. Our fundamental ethos revolves around prioritizing ‘quality over quantity’

Our Services

A. Marketing & Leasing the Property

• Listing the property across advertisement portals
• Conducting Viewings
• Tenant Screening
• Lease Documentation
• Ejari Registration

B. Rental Collection & Security Deposit Management

• Security Deposit collection
• Rental payment collection
• Fines / penalty collection (returned cheques, etc.)
• Safekeeping & banking rental cheques

C. Contract Administration

• Rent amount recommendation/negotiation
• Issuance of renewal notice
• Ensure contract terms and conditions are observed by both parties

D. Maintenance Aspect

• Maintenance Inspection (move-in/move-out/mid-contract)
• Facilitate maintenance requirements of the property
• Keeping maintenance reserve fund (AED 2,000 for apartments, AED 3,000 for Villa/Penthouse)

E. Legal Aspect [Premium Package Only]

• Dispute Management
• Owner’s POA
• Issuance & signing of notarized legal notices
• Rent valuation certificate processing

Our Packages:

5% of the Annual Rent Amount
Real Estate Management Service
Facilitate Maintenance Requirements
Keys & Access Card Management
Contract Renewal Management
7% of the Annual Rent amount
Real Estate Management Service
Facilitate maintenance requirements
Rental Valuation Certificate processing
Dispute management

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