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In Dubai, two property categories exist: off-plan and ready properties, each presenting lucrative prospects for investors and end users, aligning with specific needs and financial plans. At Unique Properties, our role involves advising individuals to make informed decisions tailored to their unique interests and goals.



Ready Properties 


Brand new properties & you can choose your unit 

Available to view

High capital appreciation 

Ready to move into 

Flexible payment plans 

Immediate rental yields 


Construction period 

Renovation may be needed 

Changes in the market 

Prices are generally higher 

Regular payments 

Moderate capital appreciation

  • Research and select your preferred area, community, and property type.
  • Determine your budget and establish a maximum price for the ideal property.
  • Explore projects that pique your interest through thorough research.
  • Reach out to a reputable real estate agency based in Dubai and provide them with your specific investment requirements and budget.
  • If feasible, visit developers’ sales offices and model homes with your appointed agent while in Dubai to assess layouts and finishing quality.
  • If not in Dubai, stay updated via your agent regarding upcoming off-plan launches and new releases, as prime units often sell quickly during initial market launches.
  • Once you’ve chosen a property type and unit and are content with the layout and orientation, review pricing and payment plans to ensure they align with your expectations.
  • Reserve your chosen property by signing a booking form and paying a booking fee.
  • Make your first installment (down payment) and cover the Dubai Land Department registration fees after completing the booking process.
  • Sign the Sales & Purchase Agreement (SPA) provided by the developer after receiving it and obtaining your signature, resulting in a dually signed copy from the developer’s authorized signatory.
  • Ensure Oqood registration, a crucial step to register your purchase with relevant government authorities. Upon completion, you’ll receive the initial contract of sale (Oqood) issued by the Dubai Land Department (DLD).
  • Adhere to the agreed payment plan, making installment payments to qualify for property handover.
  • Upon project completion, the developer will hand over the property to you, and a full title deed will be issued in your name.
  • Explore different areas and select your preferred community and property type based on research.
  • Establish your budget and set a maximum price for the suitable property. If a mortgage is necessary, apply for one or engage a mortgage broker to secure the required home finance. It’s recommended to obtain mortgage approval before property viewing to prevent potential disappointments.
  • Arrange property viewings to assess options that meet your specific criteria. If satisfied with a property, engage your agent to negotiate the price with the seller. Your agent, leveraging market insights, will advise on a suitable offer aligned with prevailing market values, considering factors like supply, demand, and average prices per square foot.
  • Upon the seller’s acceptance of your financial offer, your agent will draft a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), and you’ll be expected to pay a deposit to secure the property.
  • Once the seller agrees before securing your property, signing a digital contract (Form F) with RERA and the Dubai Land Department finalizes the sale.
  • Request a property valuation from your bank/mortgage provider to advance your mortgage application.
  • Upon receiving your Final Offer, secure a No Objection Certificate (NOC) from the developer to enable the transfer of ownership.

Before initiating your search for the perfect property to meet your investment or lifestyle objectives, we encourage you to consider the following inquiries:

  • What budget have I allocated for the property?
  • Am I a cash buyer or will I need a mortgage?
  • What is the primary motive behind my property purchase: investment or personal use?
  • What property type intrigues me: off-plan or ready?
  • What specific property type am I seeking: an apartment, townhouse, villa, or penthouse?
  • What holds the utmost significance for me: location, view, amenities, size, ROI, or capital appreciation?

Over the years, Dubai has narrated a tale of resilience and advancement. It stands as a city founded on audacious aspirations and robust principles. Dubai’s march toward progress remains notably impressive, considering the hurdles it has confronted in recent times. From surmounting the 2008 financial crisis to mitigating the impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic, the city’s trajectory has consistently surged forward. Initially emerging as a low-tax haven, Dubai has steadily evolved into a world-renowned haven for living, offering top-tier educational institutions, exceptional healthcare facilities, and ultramodern infrastructure, appealing particularly to families.

Dubai embraces a vibrant celebration of life. Its storied past and promising future beckon all to explore the diverse array of thrilling opportunities available. Recent advancements in visa regulations have further simplified the process for individuals to come and immerse themselves in the essence of the city firsthand. In essence, life undeniably thrives in Dubai.

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